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Santa Barbara's Sterns WharfSanta BarbaraNestled between the Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Santa Barbara has long been acknowledged to be one of California's most beautiful communities. While others have paved and built beyond recognition, this special city, 90 miles north of Los Angeles, has fought successfully to protect its many assets, including a stunning Riviera-like setting.

Santa Barbara is a "get-out-in-the-sunshine" and "fresh air place" with all the activities that that implies. We have sunshine 84% of the year and a year round average temperature of 62 degrees. The average maximum is 72 degrees with an average minimum of 52 degrees. We usually escape nature's nastiness since for roughly 40 miles on either side of Santa Barbara, the Pacific coastline runs almost due East/West. This alignment helps to moderate the ocean currents that flow past our front door. The Santa Ynez Mountains, which are so incredibly close, shelter us from the inland heat and cold.

Solstice Festival in Santa Barbara

There are a host of activities available year-round:

    Fiesta in Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara
  • Museums - SB Museum of Art, Contemporary Arts Forum, Museum of Natural History, SB Zoological Gardens, Historical Society and the Carriage Museum.

  • Sports - Golf, tennis, hiking, biking, horseback riding, boating

  • Culture - Incredible variety and too numerous to list, but we do have our own symphony, chamber orchestra, several professional theater groups, an outstanding art museum and the resources of UCSB, SB City College, Music Academy of the West and Westmont College as well. Because of the support of patrons, ticket prices are low and many events are free."You don't have to be rich to have a rich cultural life in Santa Barbara."
Fireworks in Santa Barbara
  • Festivals - Old Spanish Days (August), Summer Solstice (June), Writer's Conference, Sunday Arts and Crafts Festival (Palm Park) and numerous ethnic festivals (Greek, French, German, Thai, Chinese, Jewish).

  • Shopping - Paseo Nuevo and La Cumbra shopping centers, numerous boutiques, fine farmer's markets for year-round fresh produce and flowers.

  • Restaurants - Some 400 ranging from the gourmet and exotic to fast food. The variety and quality are exceptional.
Santa Barbara REALTOR, Gail A. Heimbach

The famous Santa Barbara Bowl

Santa Barbara Bowl ConcertSanta BarbaraBuilt in 1936 the Santa Barbara Bowl was originally designed to serve as an annual performance venue for Fiesta. Imagine one hundred horses with costumed riders carrying torches and descending from the Riviera into this beautiful amphitheater. In 2001 the Bowl rebuilt the stage, dressing rooms and new restrooms using the same structural specifications as freeway overpasses. This stage will soon house a permanent pavilion where the Bowl Foundation will present a diverse array of musical entertainment.

The Bowl has become a home for the performing arts in Santa Barbara and is dedicated to being a leader in the industry for eco-friendly practices. As the largest outdoor amphitheater in Santa Barbara County, capacity 4,562 the Bowl retains its intimate ambiance while offering the freedom of a beautiful and natural outdoor venue.